Polvo Simp Y Ent Hoja Moringa/Moringa Leaf Powder

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Polvo Simp-Y-Ent Hoja-Moringa/Moringa-Leaf-Powder (8oz/227gr)

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Product Description

Moringa Oleifera superfood is a complete health product that will not only provide you with the vitamins you need, but also improve your overall health as well.
Here are more Moringa Oleifera benefits:
Boosts energy levels
Improved digestion
Improved immune system function
Improved mood
Lower blood pressure
Protects the stomach lining
Treats stomach ulcers
Plus many more!
In one serving of Moringa Oleifera leaves, you can find:
22% daily value of Vitamin C
41% daily value of Potassium
61% daily value of Magnesium
71% daily value of Iron
125% daily value of Calcium
272% daily value of Vitamin A
92 Nutrients
46 Antioxidants
36 Anti-Inflammatories
18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids

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